Hello Kitty


Name: Kitty White
Birthday: 1974 November 1st

Born in the suburbs of London, Hello Kitty wears a red ribbon on her left ear and has a twin sister, Mimmy, who is her best friend. Besides making new friends, baking cookies is also one of her favorite hobbies. She always says, “You can never have too many friends!”



Name: Cinnamon
Birthday: 2001 March 6th

A boy puppy born far away and high above the clouds, Cinnamoroll has big ears and a curly tail. He can fly by flapping his big ears, and his curly tail resembles a cinnamon roll. He may be quiet, but he is very friendly and sometimes fall asleep on customers’ laps.

My Melody


Name: Melody
Birthday: 1975 January 18th

Born at the forest in Mariland, the hood her grandma made is the hallmark of My Melody. She is cheerful and her long ears are antennas for friendship. Although her favourite food is almond pound cake, she likes baking cookies with mama.



Name: Purin
Birthday: 1996 April 16th

A laidback golden retriever boy, Pompompurin’s trademark is his burnt brown beret. His favorite phrase is “Let’s go out!” and his hobbies include collecting shoes (and hiding them). He has a talent of napping and making friends with anyone, while aspiring to get even bigger. His favourite food is mama’s pudding.



Name: Kuromi
Birthday: 2005 October 31st

She may appear rowdy and free-spirited, but Kuromi is actually quite girly on the inside. She is implike creature wearing a black jester’s hat with a skull on the front and a black devil’s tail. The skull’s facial expression changes to match her mood. Her favourite food is pickled onions, and her hobbies include writing diary.



Name: Keroppi Hasunoue
Birthday: 1988 July 10th

Residing at the Donut Pond with his family, Keroppi is full of energy and popular with all the folks in Donut Pond. While he likes adventure, he is skilled in swimming and singing.

Bad Badtz-Maru


Name: Badtz-maru
Birthday: 1993 April 1st (April Fool’s Day)

Born in Oahu, Hawaii, Badtz-maru is a mischievous penguin boy. His likes collecting moving posters of famous villians, and his favourite food is the most expensive sushi in Ginza. He attracts lots of attention when he walks Pochi the allligator.

Little Twin Stars


Name: Lala (Girl), Kiki (Boy)
Birthday: 1975 December 24th

Born in a galaxy far, far away on Compassion Star in the Dream Star-Cloud, Kiki and Lala are two tiny twin stars. Kiki wears a special flying star on his back that carries him and his sister across the sky. Lala carries a magical star wand to guide the twins on their journey, which can also be used to make candy when they are hungry.



Name: Tuxedosam
Birthday: 1979 May 12th

Born on the Tuxedo Island in Antractica, Tuxedomsam is an emperor penguin boy. He has great fashion sense, a collection of 365 bow ties and likes cleanliness. A clumsy fellow to who loves to eat, he is into sports such as tennis and hockey.



Name: Pochacco
Birthday: 1989 February 29th (Leap Year)

Born in Uguisu Alley on the outskirts of Fuwafuwa Town, Pochacco is a curious boy dog who likes going for walks and eating banana ice cream. He is as tall as 4 cups of his favourite banana ice cream.



Name: Hangyodon
Birthday: 1985 March 14th

Born as a mermen (half human, half fish) in China, Hangyodon is great at making people laugh. In fact, he is a lonely romanticist and wishes to become a hero all the time. Some of his favourite things include shrimp cracker, hot pot and hot spring (onsen). He is best friends with Sayuri, the octopus.



Name: Ahirunopekkle
Birthday: 1990 July 27th

Born in Cairns, Australia, Pekkle is a nice, gentle boy duck who ironically, is not good at swimming. He is learning to swim from Pitch, the fish. He likes singing, dancing and dreams to fly in the sky.



Name: Gudetama
Birthday: Everyday

Eggs are yummy … boiled, bake or raw
There are many ways to make an egg, but eggs are so lazy (gude gude in Japanese). Like an egg, Gudetama has no gender. It has flavour, shine, elasticity, nutrients and can be prepared in an amazing variety of ways. It never eats and never gets hungry, but it likes to sip soy sauce and lick granulated sugar.



Name: Aggretsuko
Birthday: 2015 November 6th

A red panda that works in the accouting department of a large trading company, Aggretsuko landed what she thought would be her dream job. But her job is not all it cracks up to be. To cope with her true feelings, she goes to karaoke solo and vent her stress by singing death metal.